Merily Rool


I have 5 years of experience as a public procurement and civil law lawyer. In collaboration with the law firm Matteus, I provide flexible legal services focused on the well-being of the client and the development of the public procurement field.

One of my core values is continuous development, and I aim to contribute extensively to my own growth, as well as the development of clients and the broader field of operation. In a dynamic world, it is crucial to approach situations strategically and based on research, which does not allow for a passive role. My mission is to make the field of public procurement simpler and more interesting for everyone involved.

I have the expertise to advise both contracting authorities and entrepreneurs on various public procurement matters. With extensive experience as a contracting authority, I am a reliable partner in drafting procurement documents, providing advice, conducting training, and representing clients in public procurement processes and dispute resolution. I have assisted tenderers in finding suitable procurement opportunities, participating in them, ensuring the legality of contract fulfillment, and representing them in legal disputes. My strong academic background enables me to understand and amplify the joys and concerns of both parties, facilitating their resolution.

I am a valued trainer in public procurement law, with my main research focus being on procurement tools, which also aligns with my academic work and presentations.

A lawyer does not provide legal services independently, but assists an attorney in providing legal services.


Work experience:

2019- Current – Head of Legal Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre

Education and training:

2019 Bachelor’s of the Arts of Social Science University of Tartu

2019 IT-Law ELSA Summer Law School in Tallinn

2020 Master’s of the Arts of Law University of Tartu

2022 Management skills development training program Estonian Business School

2019 – Current: I have improved my knowledge in more than 70 trainings in the fields of procurement, management and general skills

Language skills:

·         Estonian, English


·         2017 ELSA Estonia alumni

A selection of latest previous works

·         I participated in a team that carried out, for example, the following public procurements:


o   Health information system development and maintenance work (9 MEUR, 244320)

o   Development and maintenance work of the "SKIAS1" information system of the Social Insurance Board (5MEUR, 244840)

o   Development and maintenance of the new patient portal (3,8MEUR, 247501)

o   Social protection information system maintenance work (1,4MEUR, 246924)

o   Services of the call centers of the institutions of the Ministry of Social Affairs (1,3MEUR, 233070)

o   Development of services in the field of social protection (4MEUR, 255810)

o   Video conference service and equipment (1,5MEUR, 214129)


o   Maintenance and development of the healthcare management information system (MEDRE2) (1 MEUR, 259652)

o   Development and maintenance of the health management desktop (5MEUR, 260611)

o   Development and maintenance of the data register of social services and benefits (STAR) (9MEUR, 264459, cascade method framework agreement)

·         I designed two large-scale dynamic procurement systems with the team:

o   Dynamic procurement system for acquiring IT services (90MEUR, 252006)

o   Dynamic procurement system for acquiring licenses (24 MEUR, 264856)


·         I participated in the Critical incident podcast: How are the country's IT procurements going today and what should be known about them? 07.04.2023 Listen here

·         I presented at the Annual Conference on Public Procurement 2023 organized by Koolitusturg. I gave a presentation on dynamism in public procurement. See more

·         I participated in the exclusive roundtable 2023 organized by Addenda, where I took part in the dynamic procurement system panel. See more


·         Mini-competition organized on the basis of the framework agreement: setting evaluation criteria. Merily Rool and Mari Ann Simovart. Journal Juridica 2022/4.

·         Effective use of framework agreements. Merily Rool. Journal Õiguskeel 2/2022.

·         Current legal problems related to the framework agreement. Merily Rool, supervisor Mari Ann Simovart. 2020. Master's thesis.

·         Articles introducing the dynamic procurement system on TEHIK's website.