Procurements are occasionally financed by structural support from the EU, and I am competent to represent and advise contracting authorities in the proper conduct of procurements in this regard. The fine for improperly conducted procurement certainly exceeds the amount spent on legal assistance. I have also created educational videos commissioned by the State Shares Services Centre (RTK) on the main discriminatory conditions to prevent their occurrence in public procurements.

Over the years, I have accumulated a significant wealth of experience in advising and representing both local and foreign businesses in matters related to public procurements.

Public procurement

Public procurement has been my specialization since university, and today I consider myself a master in this field, being one of the most recognized and respected attorneys by colleagues in this area.

I provide advice to contracting authorities on all matters related to procurement, ranging from the planning of procurement processes and the development of procurement regulations to handling disputes related to procurement contracts. I have experience as a member of procurement committees and as a representative in both Review Committee (VAKO) and in court. If desired, I undertake a comprehensive analysis of the contracting authority's entire workflow to identify time losses in the procurement process and optimize and automate work processes.

Also, check out the Public Procurement Think Tank, designed for all my clients who are contracting authorities.

With structural support, non-procuring entities are obligated to conduct procurements through the public procurement registry as recipients of support, even though the organization itself does not qualify as a contracting authority under the Public Procurement Act. I assist support recipients in conducting the procedure and successfully reaching a contract.

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