Dispute resolution

As a litigation lawyer, I advise and represent clients in dispute resolution, offering professional support in both pre-trial negotiations and court proceedings. Some disputes can be resolved before reaching court, but in certain cases, court proceedings are inevitable. I specialize in administrative court proceedings, which involve resolving public law disputes in defense of administrative bodies, businesses, and individuals. My areas of expertise include:

  • Public procurement and procurement contracts: Resolving disputes related to the fulfillment of public procurements and procurement contracts.
  • Professional licensing: Advising and representing in disputes related to the granting of professional licenses.
  • Regulatory permits: Advising and representing in disputes over the application and processing of regulatory permits.
  • State liability: Resolving disputes arising from damages caused by the state.
  • Public information: Advising and representing in disputes related to public information.
  • Granting of subsidies: Assisting and representing in matters and disputes related to the granting of subsidies.
  • Civil law disputes: Representing in civil court in disputes arising from sales contracts, contracts for work, and other agreements.

My goal is to provide clients with the best possible legal advice and protection, ensuring the maximum protection of their rights and interests in every situation. Contact me to discuss your legal needs and find the best solution for resolving your disputes.