Think Tank on amending procurement contracts

On January 30th, another Procurement Think Tank took place, with the focus this time being on amending procurement contracts.

What contracting authority has not at some point wondered whether and how it is possible to amend a procurement contract considering regulatory constraints? Absolutely all of them! Therefore, there are often more questions than answers, and it's good to be able to discuss them together. We discussed recent court decisions and practices regarding amending procurement contracts from the perspective of the participating institutions.

Feedback from Lili Lillepea, a procurement expert from the Transport Administration who participated in the workshop: "Being surrounded by fellow procurers in the workshop makes our work much easier and broader. Discussing specific topics with experts in a free atmosphere adds so much value. Engaging in lively question-and-answer discussions on topics that affect all procurers in one way or another provides valuable insights. The workshop also provided ideas to further delve into specific topics within our organization's teams. The topic of the workshop was amendments to procurement contracts, which is one of the most burning questions during the contract execution phase, making practitioners' exchange of experiences very interesting. It was also valuable to review the latest case law together and discuss the contrasting principles in the rulings, rather than focusing solely on complementarity. I am extremely pleased that Kadri initiated the workshop format and that we can participate in it."

With the workshop, I aim to provide a community for my clients who are procurers and therefore offer more value than just procurement advisory services. The next workshop, focusing on strategic procurement, will take place in March.

European Court judgements from 2023

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